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Client Story

As told by Debt coach

Adam* was not diagnosed with severe dyslexia until later in life. He never learned to read or write and was acquainted with many forms of depravation in childhood. Following marriage breakdown after suffering repeated financial abuse from his former partner, Adam moved to the local area and contacted Ely & District CAP. Adam suffers from anxiety and depression as well as chronic physical pain. .

Despite these setbacks, from our first meeting Adam was warm, welcoming and open to the process of becoming debt free with CAP. Because CAP offers a unique face to face process, we were able to help him through the forms required to set up a DRO (debt relief order). This meant that Adam no longer faced the anxiety and concern that calls and letters from creditors bring and that there was a budget and a way forward that he could work with to organise his finances. 


It has been great to work and pray with Adam through the CAP process and most of all to be able to introduce him to many more friends from our church. Nothing gives me more pleasure than seeing Adam's smile after a service and being able to know he is cared for by our church community. Adam still faces many challenges, but perhaps the greatest thing that has changed is that he knows he doesn’t face them alone.

*Name has been changed to protect the individual's privacy

Support Group

Our 5 Step Process To Going Debt Free

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Home Visits

Once you call us, a local debt coach will visit you in your own home, subject to government advice and restrictions following Coronavirus.

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An Effective Budget

The debt coach will work out a realistic budget by prioritising your essential bills. We will contact creditors on your behalf in order to stop unfair charges or interest, as well as arranging and setting up new affordable repayments. 

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CAP Plan

You will need to make one monthly payment into your CAP Plan to cover your bills and/or debts. CAP will then take over the distribution of these payments and help you to build up savings where possible.

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Severe Debt

We will walk you through the insolvency options and can even help you fill out forms and accompany you to court if neccessary.

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Debt Free

Your CAP Plan can be used to pay your bills and/or debts until you are debt free!

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